Harvey Law Firm first opened it's doors in 1997 and from this point has prided itself on its attention to detail, warm friendly nature and as we are a small family based business their clients don't get lost in the way they would in a larger firm. 
We specialise in Conveyancing and Wills, Probate, Estate Litigation and other legal matters.  Our Principal Solicitor has spent many years both in Local Courts and in the NSW Public Trustee and Guardian making him an expert in all matters related to Wills and Probate. After 15 years of doing nothing you become an expert in the field.
Our firm is one of only a few firms to offer 100% fixed fee quotes for all legal matters.  We strongly believe that all clients should be made aware of what the legal costs are going to be, this way there is no hidden surprises.

If you are after a firm that not only puts you first, but also understands that legal matters can be stressful then give us a call for an obligation free quote.  Our Principal Solicitor is happy to speak with you anytime about your concerns.
“Honesty and fairness has been engrained into my DNA since a child.  Forget about the misconceptions about Solicitors, you might be surprised.”
Steven Harvey